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New Review Thank you, thank you, thank you! I should not have waited so long to see you Liz! You went right to the problem over the (video) phone! I am lucky that I found you all those years ago. I have never had a fraction of the satisfaction from a “doctor “ visit. 
Video Session I was initially skeptical about an online P/T session, but was surprised at how beneficial it is to connect in that way. Consistency and and staying motivated are critical to my progress, so keeping the regular connection with Liz helped me with that considering the uncertainty around us right now. 
New Telehealth Review I found the Liz's online session very helpful.  It has given me some concrete things to be working on at home, during this difficult time.  And has given me an attitude boost.  Thank you Liz for your knowledge and observations and the direct, but gentle way you impart information.
Whitney v
gifted physical therapist Liz is a lovely person and a wonderful physical therapist, especially if you are someone who wants to integrate pt with yoga practice.
Julia S
Great PT - Highly recommend! Liz is an incredible physical therapist. My appointments usually are a combination of an assessment of what's going on in my body, some exercises, and massage and cupping. I have become significantly stronger since starting to work with Liz, and my back went from being in pain all of the time, to very rare occasional flare ups that I now know how to deal with and resolve within a couple days. She is warm and supportive and I keep learning about anatomy and what's going on in my body from her! I cannot recommend her enough.
Best physical therapist ever.
Liz at Body Temple Physical Therapy and Yoga helped me when I had severe sciatica - and I haven’t had it since then! she also helped me heal and gain back my range of motion after my double mastectomy surgery. Liz empowers her patients and gives them tools to stay healthy and fit long after they have worked with her. She is not only a great PT, she is also compassionate, intuitive and understanding.
Leighann J
Follow up sessions Love the special attention and really great lessons on body mechanics 🙏
Greg N
Best in the Biz Liz can speak your language, whatever that may be. She is versed in many disciplines and modalities within the Physical Therapy framework and beyond that wherever you may be coming from, she can meet you where you're at. Even if you're just a person in pain and not some athlete looking to improve your performance or get back to fitness, Liz can help you. Nothing makes her happier than guiding you to become your own healer. When that light bulb goes on in your body and brain and you make a connection that helps you take back some control over your healing process she beams with pride. Thanks for your hard work Liz.
A master healer Liz is an exceptionally skilled and gifted practitioner. I feel safe, helped and cared for by her.
Excellence If you are looking for high level skill and intelligence combined with kindness, try BodyTemple. I have been a long term client of Liz and have made and continue to improve on a good recovery from some pretty serious knee, hip and postural issues. She is great.
Margie C
Caring & Supportive Liz is a very knowledgeable & gifted practitioner. She brings to her practice a blend of western & eastern healing. Liz has keen observational skills, listens well to her clients, & addresses the imbalances that she sees & feels. She gives understandable & concise explanations as well as customized exercises that support independence & self care. Liz's goal for her clients is to get better.
Renee A
Get ready So I have been going to see Liz for over a year. She has helped with everything! Of course the work continues with the homework she gives to continue the process but get ready to feel immediately better upon leaving her studio. This is my first time writing a review bc I really didn’t think she needed my input as you can see all the reviews are amazing! But I wanted to speak about the last appt I had. I really didn’t want to go. I am in grief as my dad passed away, but my body needed help. I felt collapsed in all areas of my life. But there I was at her studio so sad and weak but wanting some fortification. She met just where I was and helped me stretch out my emotions, my body my self. A few simple yet deep stretches to get me out of the fetal position, a nice massage, and some support. It made a HUGE difference. So my review is simply to endorse how Liz walks the talk of aligning mind, body and spirit. Don’t forget about your spirit folks.
Joan G
exercises suggested are always helpful Enjoyed my session with Liz as usual, especially because she suggests exercises that help the problem I'm having at the moment. And, the exercises are not too complicated so that I won't do them. That means that the benefits from the session extend well after I've left. Liz is really excellent at teaching you how to help yourself. Thanks, Liz!
Robert J
Always Great I have been going to Body Temple for several years and Liz always provides a terrific service in body massage work and teaching the proper way to do various exercises at home. The studio itself is spacious and comfortable and Liz is a delightful person to converse with while the body work is going on.
Heading to Well I spent years working my strong body incorrectly until I almost couldn't walk. Slowly , carefully and kindly Liz has lead me back to a stronger, better body. I am very grateful. She is an amazing physical therapist and also an amazing body worker and also an amazing person.
Liz is fantastic! Liz is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and combines excellent hands-on bodywork with her PT exercise routines. Her unique combination of Western PT with Eastern Yoga philosophies has proven much more helpful for my progress than the two other PTs I had previously tried. Liz is a compassionate, intuitive, and gifted healer whose integrative approach is very effective for her clients.
Katherine M
Liz is the best! I've been a regular client for a few years, with typical ageing joint issues. I'm a yoga teacher and relatively fit for my age. but injuries and unwise habits happen! Liz always puts me back on track with her interventions. Her hands on massage is gentle, and intuitive, but what makes it great is that her hands are well educated anatomically, so that the problem is precisely addressed. The mat work is also great, and with breath work, she makes sure that the nervous system accepts the new patterns, unlike most medical type PTs that don't have the time and holistic focus. The homework is always spot on and it works if you do it! I so appreciate Liz' professionalism, plus she is a really nice, sweet human being as well. Highly recommended!
Katherine W
The best PT in the area Liz has an innate ability to size up a physical issue holistically - looking at the whole body as a symptom rather than a pain in a specific place. This of course helps the pain in the specific place. She draws on extensive knowledge of physical therapy and yoga to address the long game, setting up her patients life beyond the injury through therapeutic stretching and strengthening exercises. She helped me bounce back from bilateral hip replacement and I wouldn't be where I am now - hiking in Tilden, walking the dog, swimming, etc - without her help. Can't recommend her more highly.
Mikelle E
Truly a temple Liz is a Gem. I have been going to Liz for about 3 years now. I had stopped for several months due to a very acute injury and pursuing different more invasive treatments that in the end didn't help. I recently decided to go back to Liz's body Temple and as soon as I walked through the door I began to cry out of happiness and vulnerability. Liz is the only practitioner that I've seen in the last 8 months that hasn't inflamed me and truly listened to me and my body. I trust her as a healer and as a very knowledgeable professional.
Nancy B
Years of blissful PT I've been seeing Liz for over 10 years and have watched her practice grow on so many levels, most importantly in developing a wholistic and integrative approach to physical therapy. She truly does respect the body as a temple and brings belief that to all her sessions. She's a wonder!!
Dixon B
you can count on Liz Every few years when I hurt myself working or playing sports I can count on Liz to evaluate the problem - even if mysterious - and give me an effective plan of action to work it out. She gives me a great start with targeted body work. So grateful to know her!
Tony D
Liz is the Best! Liz is amazing! She listens to everything you say and is able to incorporate a holistic view with practical plans and advice. Her expertise and experience is top notch and she is the best PT I have ever had!
Barbara G
Dancing Again I have been a client of Body Temple for over three years.Because of Liz, I am more knowledgeable, stronger,and very pleased with my rehab progress. Liz taught me how to achieve my physical goals and helped me with her careful bodywork, prescribed exercises and cheerful coaching. Her care is careful,knowledgeable and kind. She is the best.
Nethal Abdul-Mu'min
Completely Helpful Liz is definitely a keeper! I have seen 2 prior PT's and she is the only one who gave me a good understanding about how my body works holistically. She combines massage etc. which is lovely! Very responsive to emails. She is super respectful of different comfort levels and paces! Now I have hope for full recovery, I can't thank her enough!!! Last but not least she is a super sincere and struggling (like the rest of us!) mom and friend!
Bob B
The Best Liz knows all of the science and she also has a gift. After a string of doctors, acupuncture and chiropractors she made the pain go away.
Karen T
if you want the best... When I first came to Liz, I could not ride more than 60 miles without significant pain. This month, I completed a 1000k journey from Oregon back to Northern California on my bike, averaging over 200 miles a day. She is that good. I came to her after trying a number of modalities, including other highly skilled and recommended Physical Therapists. She listens. She understands anatomy. She keys in and figures out what is not working and gets it back on line. If you want the best, see Liz.
Barbara G
It feels wonderful to get better Every visit, Liz helps me in ways simple and profound to get better. I was athletic but I severely injured my knees. And, I was not able to get well or to reduce my knee pain until a friend referred me to Liz. She has led me and encouraged me from my first appointment. The combination of her excellent physical therapy/massage, her customized rehab exercise assignments, her practical everyday advice and her knowledge of alternative medicine systems is rare and special. She is great.
cynthia g
A true healer Liz has so many skills to bring to her work. She is extremely knowledgeable in physical therapy, yoga ad sports training. She is a positive and helpful person so I was able to draw strength and optimism about my physical problems. Liz is a wonderful healer!
Josh Tribe
the best I've had a multitude of injuries and surgeries over the years, and have had many quality physical therapists ... but nobody combines cutting edge techniques with ancient knowledge and pragmatic common sense like Liz -- who is the most amazing physical therapist, yoga teacher, and unofficial life coach... Contentious, conscious, compassionate, expert care is what you can expect from Body Temple.
Alessandra L
Finally getting help for my posture I have had back and rib issues triggered by pregnancy. Liz pointed out that is probably that I have bad posture (this has definitely been the case for many years). Although I went to a "posturist" a few years ago, I feel like Liz's suggestions and exercises have been much more helpful and effective so far!
Mark Deadman
Best physical therapist I have tried numerous physical therapists with little to no improvement. Liz has helped me quite a bit in just a few visits. She is certainly hands on, educated, and articulate. Look forward to a few more visits and my well being.
Liz W
Stellar I've known Liz as a friend and colleague for many years, and finally received her work as a clinician... she is truly amazing. Her hands are strong, and smart; her ability to see where my stability falls apart is spot on. She praised what was working and coached what wasn't working into a stronger position. Her office is soothing, yet functional and inspiring. She continues to remain an inspiration for me in the realms of business, clinical wisdom, and life in general. I *highly* recommend!
Finally! I've been seeing Liz since Fall 2016 for a running-related SI joint issue. I'm thrilled that I'm feeling improvements. I had seen a chiropractor as well as an HMO-related physical therapist and there wasn't much improvement in my SI joint after seeing them. With Liz, not only has she helped me with my specific issue but has also helped my running form. I'm running more efficiently. Liz is very generous with her knowledge that I've learned lots about my body. Highly recommend her!
Alice M
brilliant, top-notch & worth every penny I met Liz at a workshop on shoulders that she led at a yoga studio in Alameda. That presentation, which embraced a variety of types of medicine (western, chinese, ayurvedic), inspired me to see Liz for a consultation. I've been seeing her for several months now. She has helped me cure my shoulder problem and I'm optimistic that she will also soon help me resolve a wrist problem that I've had for close to 20 years and had previously written off as just part of my life. She is brilliant.
Scott Fitzgerrell
Intake review Based on my first visit, it's clear to me that Liz is highly competent, personable, and professional. I'm optimistic for a "cure" for my chronic hand and wrist pain issues. Looking forward to the next visit.
If you want the best... I started seeing Liz a little more than a year ago and about three years after i first heard of her (she was not accepting new patients then.) I was unable to ride a bicycle more than 80 miles without extreme pain. From the get go, Liz was able to evaluate my whole body, had me bring my bike to a session and did some physical manipulation that has put me back on the bike. I recently completed two 200 mile rides on consecutive Saturdays. My longest rides in 6 years.
Liz educates deeply With each new exercise or training plan, Liz takes time to make sure it is deeply accepted by one's nervous system. I sometimes feel like a 10 month old toddler learning something new with her...kind of out of control. But by working with gentle repetition and easy breathing, Liz brings a yogic approach to mind/body learning. My body and brain have new territory to explore in the realm of healing old patterns, and greater integration into wholeness and health!
ellen keeshan
The best of the best I have never been disappointed with the physical therapy, or training with Liz. She is one in a million.
Wonder Woman I have been seeing Liz for over 8 years. She solved a back problem in 3 visits that Kaiser, multiple chiropractors, and acupture had been unsucessful in fixing. She also addressed a genitic knee problem I had since I was a teenager. Following her strenghtening exercises, my knee has not gone out in 6 years, a first for me....she is a miracle worker. She continues to help me with small issues and helps me prepare for long distance cycling trips. She has greatly increased my quality of life!
Liz J
Liz heals! Liz is the therapist we all need, we've needed her since we were children and developed our first chronic injuries that we piled on top of our whole lives until we stumble into her sanctuary. Liz will help you understand what hurts, why, and how the hurt affects the rest. She'll help you fix the acute stuff and get you started on the clear and confident path to fixing the old cranky stuff, and the deep stuff. If Liz taught in medical schools, the world would be so much healthier.
Robert H
Saved by Body Temple After having a frustrating experience with Kaiser after a severe back injury, I was so lucky to find Liz! Her insights and hands are beyond description, but if I have to use words, then ok, "Amazing!!!" She has helped, and educated me, thru my healing process. She truly is a gem in the health care field, and the way of the future. Thanks!!!!
Harris Masket
Great care Liz's interest and enthusiasm about the body and her work is terrific. It's fun to go to work with her and I'm inspired to do my homework. I feel really well cared-for.
Judy H
Exceptional! Liz is fantastic--her knowledge, skill, acumen, patience, sensitivity and ability to clearly explain the complexities of how the body works are exceptional! I can't think of any higher praise than to honestly say that Liz makes me FEEL GREAT!
Yoga Therapy Liz is a miracle worker! As a yoga instructor myself, I thought I had it all figured out - practice makes perfect, right? Liz dove so deeply into the extremely specific ways that I could improve my posture and poses. I am so grateful that I went in for a consultation with her for yoga therapy and realize now that my practice was not making perfect, but instead was creating bad habits that I can now work to correct, so they don't cause long term damage! Thanks Liz!
Betsy Weiss
Thank you Liz! Liz is a very special healer. She is knowledgable in so many disciplines and is a dedicated, passionate and very caring professional.
Great stuff Liz is great! Really knows her stuff. Helping be rehab a shoulder and o would definately recommend her to any athlete or anybody else with chronic pain.
Chelsea H
Authentic, kind, therapeutic and healing Liz Duncanson is more knowledgeable about the body and human spirit (specifically the female body) than any woman I have met in 27 years in this industry. Her space is fresh, safe, and welcoming. I have not felt that comfortable and taken care of by a body healer in a very long time. I recomend Liz to all my private fitness clients. She listens, educates, and heals. Thank you... deeply
shari ser
Body Temple PT and Yoga Liz has an extremely good eye for diagnosing alignment related issues. She addresses the whole body not just the area of complaint. She is clear in her directions and gentle in her instructions. She gets a 10/10 from a fellow clinician (PT) and yogi.
Emily Zell
Can't say enough!! Liz and I have worked for the better part of a year on my posture, feet and balance. She has changed my body awareness and I am so grateful to have found her!!
cynthia g
Deeply talented Liz is an incredibly talented practitioner. She has many skills to draw on from her various bodies of knowledge. I become more mindful of my body when working with her to overcome long standing dysfunctional patterns. A true healer!
sirena masket
Magic hands and Deep Wisdom! I have been seeing Liz regularly for a couple of years now and can't believe the fundamental changes in my body that have occurred. I have greater flexibility, more range of motion and deep breath. Each time I walk away with something else to think about, some new level of awareness to bring to my daily life. I no longer wash my dishes with my shoulders shrugged! I appreciate the incredible body of knowledge she holds and the way she also works intuitively with my body to support me.
Diana P
Miracle worker for my spine! Post-pregnancy and surgery. After two pregnancies and my third spine surgery, I wouldn't be pain-free without Liz. She has changed my spine through my posture. She is knowledgeable, patient, and very skilled. I've seen dozens of physical therapists in San Francisco, Oakland, and the East Coast, and she is light years better than anyone else. I worked with Liz to heal and rebuild my core muscles and learn how to walk, stand, lift a baby, breastfeed, etc while caring for my spine. My body and my babies are so thankful!
Dance is Joy And a serious injury can take that away. Each of us benefits from help in determining what we should do to heal ourselves. Liz has the knowledge that education, experience and heart provide. I am grateful for her expert guidance and help.
Grateful knees Liz has strong clinical expertise, and is a sensitive intuitive. Although professionally objective, she is caring and compassionate, with great deep listening skills. I always leave with practical tools for healing as well as a feeling of having been heard and understood. Plus great yoga tips and body work! Viva Body Temple PT!
Jodie A
Highly skilled professional! Liz is wonderful to work with. She really knows her stuff and is quickly able to identify the source of my pain and treat it effectively. I love that Liz combines Western health practices with yoga!
the real deal My aging body beset with fractures and surgeries was needing just what Liz offers. A discerning eye, thorough inventory of what has led up to now, and a patient, detailed approach to getting this body back on track. Her triage makes a lot of sense--starts with what will resonate and provide the greatest, overall benefit. When I first heard of hear a year ago, she did not have any openings. I am glad I checked back. Yep, she is the real deal.
Emily Z
Liz has put me in touch with my infrastructure! I came with a "frozen shoulder" and am learning about maintaining posture from toes to nose. Her holistic approach has changed the way I approach my body during exercise and mostly during every day life from my driving position to how I stretch before my feet are on the floor. I am looking forward to getting better and better at listening to my body.
Celia W
Liz helps me heal myself As a long time client of Liz's I continue to enjoy her informed and insightful views on the muscular and structural health of our bodies. The teaching aspect of her practice has given me much more body awareness and helped me expand and maintain my range of motion and over all wellness.
Theresa K
Finding My Breath I am so thankful that Liz is in the therapy community. As a yoga teacher and future physical therapist myself, I am impressed by her knowledge and "x-ray vision". I came to her with back problems and she helped me use my breath to help heal myself. While I always give that advice to my yoga students, it was helpful to have someone guide me and pin-point the areas I need to address. I know there is always work to be done, but now, thanks to Liz, I have some new tools to work with!
My problem with bunions. Anyone who has had a bunion knows how painful they can be. Although I have had it for years, it started to get worse recently. Liz gave me a foot treatment which stopped the pain within a day! There is no part of the body she can't help!
Annie R
Intuition and intelligence! I have been coming to Liz for nearly 3 years. She has helped me through a broken coccyx, hip injury, back pains, whiplash, neck pain, carpal tunnel symptoms, the list goes on. Liz is truly a master of her craft. She is intuitive and possesses extreme intelligence of the human body: muscles, ligaments, bones and body systems. I have struggled to find anybody that compares to her when I cannot get an appointment with Liz. I recommend Liz to everybody that I know without reserve--she is the best.
Phenomenal Healthcare Provider! I have worked with Liz for 5 years for multiple pain and functional issues. Mostly thanks to her, I am now a completely different person than the desperate, deconditioned one who walked into her office long ago. Liz combines an impressive understanding of the body with intuitive manual therapy skills, an incredibly warm bedside manner, and no-nonsense home exercise programs. Most importantly, she helps you understand your body and how to take care of it. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
laura m
Talented and supportive I came to see Liz when I was experiencing debilitating lower back pain. After one session I was feeling much better and left with a custom designed routine to increase strength and support for my back. That was 5 months ago and I have had no return of my back pain. During that session, Liz shared so much of her vast knowledge of body mechanics that I decided to come back and see her about my recurring knee pain as well. Her holistic approach is something rare among body workers and trainers.
Susan M
Lucky to have found Liz It is now 9 months after spinal fusion and I have been seeing Liz since a few weeks before surgery. I trust Liz implicitly...her knowledge of the body, her whole-system approach and well-rounded experience have proven to be invaluable as I continue to strengthen my core and retrain my whole body to work more efficiently.
Lisa V
Such a healer Liz got rid of my hip pain in less than 60 minutes. I was afraid I had an overuse injury which would take weeks to heal. Liz recognized that I had a vertebrae that was subluxated. After some soft tissue work (which was SO relaxing) and some mobilization, my back was much happier and my hip pain disappeared. Furthermore, her healing presence left me feeling uplifted and happy. Thank you Liz!
Carolyn McFarland
What can I say Liz is a goddess. I've had chronic problems in many area of my body. Some weeks I need to work on my neck, some weeks I need to work on my leg or hip. Liz is alway positive and encouraging - love going - love Liz. Give her a try if you can get an appointment.
Ambre Dailey
therapy pre and post surgery Liz did amazing work both before and after my mastectomy surgery. She knew just where my pain was and how to help relieve it. She has given me great homework to continue healing at home. I'm so grateful for her expertise and loving nature!
Judy H
Everything you need! Liz is an amazing resource for healthy bodies as well as injured ones! I had minor physical complaints when I first saw Liz; however, I had primarily sought her out to provide me with a new, challenging workout program. What I got was thorough evaluation and an excellent personalized program that re-invigored my workouts AND helped me heal my injuries. Liz is an exceptional practitioner--highly skilled and knowledgable, with a warm and open manner. I'm a huge fan!
Bob B
Liz Has a Gift Liz has a gift for healing. After back surgery I had intense pain. After trying doctors, specialist in pain treatment, chiropractors and acupunture I found Liz and she healed me. Science and training combines with her gift. Highly recommended.
Eliza S
Short-term relief and long-term transformation I've been looking for someone like Liz for a long time. Liz puts both pieces of the puzzle together. Her work on the table frees your body and lets you access the strength and mobility you have, while the exercises she gives help you maintain the bodywork and move further in your healing. I have gone from constant pain and frequent migraines, to feeling pretty good in my body. I'm a weekend horseback rider, and Liz has transformed my riding - and my life.
Brook Peterson
Fixed my plantar fasciitis Liz helped me do some rehab after tendinitis / plantar fasciitis. She saw instantly what was causing the problem, helped me work on it, and gave me some homework that cleared it up very quickly. She's excellent, competent, smart, and easy to get along with. Highly recommended!
Pre and Post Surgery Liz's practice has helped me adjust to my new body after double mastectomy with reconstruction, with a co-incident forefoot and ankle reconstruction. Work continues on scar tissue/alignment, but we've moved through pre/post surgery prep and recovery, referring upper/lower back/rib issues, gait and realignment. Now using her therapeutic yoga sessions, custom strength-building and massage. Liz has a bright energy, lots of experience and solutions over time as I've healed. Highly, recommend.
James Walbridge
Body Temple - The Best Choice! I am highly recommending that Body Temple be considered for all your physical therapy, training, Yoga requirements and health goals. Liz is a superb teacher / physical therapist who can bridge the science with the emotional and physical components towards giving her clients the best possible opportunity to understand the issues facing them and then to have a fully realized plan to execute towards recuperation and wellness.
ellen k
PT on knees After a difficult hiking trip, my knees were painful and swollen. Liz as usual, eased the pain with her PT and gave me exercises that continued the healing. She cures me every time!
Daniel Zweier
Incredible Body Work Liz is a wonderful P.T. and person. She diagnoses issues immediately and professionally and approaches treatment with confidence. Her holistic knowledge really addressees all aspects of body wellness and she gives you the tools to better yourself. Also, she's a great masseuse!
Mateus Chavez
Always leave feeling better Liz is great. I always leave her sessions feeling better. She has helped me realize many things about my back injury and convinced me when I was really really down that things would eventually get better and she was right. I wish I could see her more but my schedule and finances at this moment will not allow it. If you are need of a Physical Therspist then Liz is your best option. She is 100% worth going out of your insurance network. Don't forget to ask for the aroma therapy options...
Susan M
Happy customer My experience with Liz is vastly different than all past PT experiences. She got me to begin strengthening my core before spinal fusion surgery and gave me peace of mind about what I would be experiencing post-surgery. Once I was ready to resume therapy, Liz designed an exercise plan for ME and where my body was at each visit. Her knowledge of wound care, yoga and athletic training makes me feel cared for and seen in a way I haven't before. I feel so lucky to have found Liz!
Jodi Beasley
Liz is the Body Whisperer I can't describe the relief I felt after finding someone who understands the body in such depth and has a gift for diagnosing problems and charting a path to healing. Liz is truly the Body Whisperer! She is worth the wait and will give you hope and answers. She's a gem!
John M
Finally on the right path!! I am a 48 year old male and was an avid outdoorsmen. After neck and back surgery and getting nowhere with numerous Physical Therapists I could barely walk and was in constant pain. Thanks to Liz I am finally on the road to having and active life again! Don’t be discouraged by having to wait for an appointment, book it and you will be in good hands before you know it! Once we are able to start cloning humans, Liz should be at the top of the list!
Very skilled professional I've seen Liz just a few times when I've had injuries or unexplained discomfort. She spends a lot of time diagnosing the problem and has always been able to provide exercises to help my recovery. I'd highly recommend her.
samuel eisen
liz is a rocking PT I have always found the idea of working out to be very daunting. But I have been working with Liz for a little more than 6 months. And I have been able to keep it up and have seen lots of improvement. Well on my way to reaching my goals.
Stacey Touhy
Excellent, intelligent care Liz explains things clearly, no matter how many times you may need to hear them. She is kind and compassionate. Very intelligent and holistic in her care. I'm very fortunate to have found her. I very highly recommend her.
Celia Wedding
Intregative healing We walk around in these vessels of ours Expecting them to bend to our whim But instead they bend to something other. How can we cope? Liz has helped me understand with her mind and her hands.
Relief Already Liz provided pain relief after just my initial session. I can't wait to go back! She is thoughtful, thorough, competent and magic.
Wellness Worth the WAIT!!! I've been to see Liz for Therapeutic PT and body work as well as Yoga classes -- they are all fantastic! Liz's mastery of anatomy combined with her intuitive approach, and application of Ayurvedic principles make her body work sessions very effective. Her application of these elements in the Yoga class all her to uniquely tailor all poses to the level of everyone in class. Getting an appointment for body work may take a little time but it is well worth the wait.
ellen k
Knee injury Liz was able to determine that I had no broken bones or meniscus. She told me what to do at home and gave me exercises. It really helped in the direction I took to further treat the injury.
Liz's magic fingers Liz has an amazing ability to identify what parts of your body need her help and then she does her magic. You have to do your "homework" faithfully to continue to see progress in her treatments.
Catharine Meyers
Liz Duncanson After suffering severe back pain for over 15 years, finding Liz was incredible. I've tried many therapies and practitioners, and Liz is superior to my past experiences. She has helped relieve chronic issues and acute pain. I highly recommend Liz!!!
I feel taller Liz is so good at the healing arts! After some deep work on my spine yesterday, I felt a couple of inches taller. The aches and pains of an ageing body were banished by a real professional, and a caring therapist.
A wonderful first visit I recently visited Liz for the first time and know we are going to have a good relationship. She is extremely professional and knowledgable but at the same time kind and caring, wanting to heal you in the best possible way.
Ashley Garver
I felt seen & in good hands I received Liz' undivided attention and eye for detail every second I was in her care. She worked efficiently and always checked in to ensure I understood what was going on. Her calm and friendly demeanor makes you feel in good hands, which is certainly reinforced by her impeccable knowledge of various healing modalities. I feel very lucky to have been referred to Liz and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a greater awareness of or to heal any aspect of their physical anatomy.
John S
Happy with my choice I had problems fallowing a total knee replacement. Not with the new knee, but with the "good" one. Things were out of balance (right leg, hip and low back) as a result of compensations over the years. I am a retired lawyer and have a keen appreciation for quality professional services. Liz gets right down to it. Her assessments are accurate. She uses various modalities to get the job done. I am much better off because I went to her. I recommend her without reservation.
Julie K
Excellent Liz Duncanson is an extremely knowledgable, competent and caring PT. Her wide array of disciplines will enhance your treatment. I recommend her highly
Shari Ser
meniscal tear and subsequent surgery I have been working with Liz for over 6 months. Liz is stupendous. Very grounded in her approach: kind, and loving but also a challenging clinician . She cheers me on in my recovery and is very realistic in helping me set my own goals and expectations. I am a long time yogi, as well as a physical therapist, and though "I should know better",I appreciate her knowledge and care.. You won't ever regret the money well spent on your healing when working with Liz.
Randy Wedding
Liz Gillem Very professional, clearly knows her soft tissue. She has the grip strength to make an impression on a large guy like me!
Liz is a lifesaver I have had severe chronic pain for over 14 years. I have been going to physical therapy for over 10 years but no PT was able to help me successfully. It was not until Liz began working with me, showing me how to breathe properly, using whole body techniques to completely transform the way I operate, that I saw there was hope. I have gotten at least 50% better and know that there is a life for me in the future. I love her compassion, professionalism,joy and AMAZING BODYWORK.
Liz Jackson
Thank you Liz Liz is unique because she is skilled in a bunch of healing modalities. She has great hands for bodywork, AND she knows anatomy so she knows where to focus As a trainer and a yoga therapist, she will help you strengthen AND soften. I walked into her office pregnant & experiencing pain with every step. An hour later, I was pain free, loose but stable (and still pregnant and ready to endure the next phase with grace and strength.)
Liz is Terrific I have been working with Liz for a number of months now. She was able to do for my back what nobody else was for nearly a year -- she took me from major discomfort back into exercising shape in a very short time. I am so grateful to have found her.
ellen keeshan
Review of trainer Liz Gillem Liz is the best. She knows the body better than anyone I know. Therefore, she does the appropriate exercises. Her PT is also great.
Dianne M
Liz is a miracle worker Seriously. I went to see Liz, received an incredibly thorough, knowledgable and intuitive evaluation--and better yet--treatment. Near instant pain relief with doable "homework" that has helped me heal myself if symptoms recur. The only downside to that is that I don't see her as often! I have a long history of musculoskeletal problems from scoliosis to knee injury to herniated discs--and have had lots of PT and massage work. LIz is hands down the best.
Joan G
I feel better My last session was great. There was a "catch" on one side which had been bothering me for a long time - Liz diagnosed it, helped me realign the muscles and it made a huge difference. The next day I walked with more ease. Thanks, Liz!
Sandy Carmellini
Incredibly thorough! I felt very comfortable and confident in Liz's work. I highly recommend her therapy. I feel much better after working with her and plan to continue seeing her
Catharine Meyers
Liz Gillem Duncanson Liz is a body expert. She knows how to target specific pain and how to heal and relieve the area almost immediately, I HIGHLY recommend Liz.
Nancy B
Always feel better I've been seeing Liz for so long, and I'm never disappointed. Whenever a friend says something hurts, I recommend Liz without hesitation. She knows body mechanics, is always able to find the source of the problem and work it out. Plus, you leave with suggestions for reinforcing the treatment. Yay, Liz!!
Joan G
wow, that was a good session! Back, hip, leg, and foot problems brought me back in to see Liz. The cupping and soft tissue massage was very helpful, and suddenly my hips and legs felt much freer! Liz's explanations are clear; she suggests a few related exercises for me to follow up with and she is fun to be with.
sirena masket
Skilled and knowledgeable therapist!!! I've been dealing with numbness and tingling in my right arm for a year. Liz has helped me so much through her incredible manual therapy,cupping and massage! she is helping me relearn how I hold my body in my every day activities that will keep me from getting these symptoms to begin with. What Liz offers is very empowering. She does an amazing job of teaching and explaining what's going on and offering exercises so I can keep healing myself!
Nalini Kumar
Great First Time experience I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt thru out the whole session the explanation of the problem I have made me understand really well, I feel like I am on the road to recovery even though it may be long
Sarah S
She did it again! Liz figured out perplexing shoulder pain that I've been dealing with for several months. I just wish I came in sooner! She helped shift it back into place, and I feel a big difference in just a day. Very knowledgeable, and gives manageable homework, tailored to your ability.
Joan G
Liz is really helpful! Just had another great session with Liz. Her massage was really helpful, she gave me great exercises (but not too many!), and she even located the source of my recurring problem. I know I'll go back!
Kirby Lawton
Physical Therapy that works Liz is great. She brings a combination of deep technical understanding of physiology, and a good holistic sense of how the whole chain interacts. I've been to see her for several issues over the years, and she has always come through for me.
Craig Southard
Saving my back and knees Liz is amazing! She combines a gentle approach with deep knowledge of physiology, sports injuries,and rehab techniques...and is a great masseuse. She evaluates your issues then explains what is going on, treats you and gives you a plan for recovery. She changed my life.
ellen k
Workout It was great to be back with Liz, resuming my workout sessions. She is her usual excellent trainer, and I recommend her very highly.
Bob B
Help Has Returned Liz is back. Her sense of how to heal your pain remains intact. If you have pain in your life, give her a try. After many doctors and holistic healers, she made me well again. What more can I say?
Combination of skills like no other Liz brings so much to the table. She will find out what your body is doing wrong, fix it, and give you the tools to keep your body doing what it's supposed to. And, she explains it all in language that you can relate to, whether you are an engineer (like me) or more holistically inclined, like my wife.
Craig Southard
Liz is the best After trying many sources, including Kaiser PTs, outside chiropractors, etc, I discovered Liz and she helped me solve all of my physical issues.
Body Temple PT I just had my first appointment, and am very impressed with Liz' skill. She identified a problem with the position of my hip and "magically" helped adjust it with some resistance maneuvers and deep tissue work. I 'm a veteran of multiple orthopedic injuries, and have seen numerous PTs. Liz is really kind and easy going, a definite plus. My pain was greatly reduced when I left the session, and remains improved 4 days later. I look forward to further work with her!
Celia W
Effective techniques I first came to Liz with very reduced mobility in my neck not to mention my other weaknesses. Liz's thorough knowledge of human anatomy, massage and exercise directed me toward a more holistic approach to my bodies health and more flexibility throughout my body. Thank you, Liz.
Bob B
The Best Liz is the best. She knows her science and she understands how the body works. More than that she has a gift for healing. She brought me back to total functionality when doctors, chiropractors and acupuncture could not. She is the best.
Intuitive and Skillful Liz is the most intuitive and skillful practitioner of Physical Therapy I have ever experienced. She is able to get amazing results in a single session covering both massage and exercises which can help keep my body strong and pain free.
Everything I'd hoped! My session with Liz was everything I'd hoped. She first listened to everything I had to say, & then helped me through gentle movement to pinpoint my issues. She then gave me a massage that worked my muscles powerfully but without causing pain. I'd worried because I've received overwhelming "homework" before from other therapists, but Liz was able to give me some really useful (& simple!) exercises for strengthening my core that I'm confident of fitting into my busy life. Thanks so much, Liz!
Catherine H
GenBook's Limitations I am a long-term client. I have written a review, and I would hope that GenBook could find a way not to ask me after every appointment if I would write a review. It's irritating and impersonal. (Plus you have my last name misspelled.)
ellen keeshan
Personal Training Liz is so good at understanding your body. She is an expert in setting up a plan for training. She puts together an exercise program for your week that is completely appropriate.
Carol Paul
Good Review Liz and I reviewed postures and breath. . . so easy to forget that. Good reminders about standing, walking, sitting, exercising, lying down. Thank you, Liz!
A Gifted Healer Liz possess an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of the matter. Utilizing insight and skill she provides education, training and hands on relief to address the complex nature of musculoskeletal, disc and nerve issues. I have seen many practitioners over the last 5 years but Liz's therapeutic abilities stand head and shoulders above the rest and I am grateful for her compassion and generosity.
Mitchell R
Excellent Diagnstics and encouragement This is the second time I've gotten help from Liz. Six years ago she helped me recover from back problems and get back on my bike. I was reminded yesterday about her diagnostic ability in observation. She has an amazing ability to spot what's not working in body motion then help to correct the problem. And unlike some of PTs I've dealt with she has a very positive and encouraging attitude that helps to push you along. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs PT or just training.
Adrienne R
Expertise and Intuition I never cease to be amazed at what Liz can achieve with a single 60-90 minute session. She is able to apply her expert knowledge in assessing the specific issues I am having and then provide a masterful therapeutic massage. Her skills go beyond just knowledge of anatomy and physical therapy. And her goal is to keep me feeling well after each session. She always gives me instructions, exercises and stretches that I can do to help improve my physical well-being.
Celia W
Effective Treatment I was so happy to find Liz after consulting medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other physical therapists for a back and hip injury. Her careful analysis and amazing massage treatments brought me back to health. What might be more important is that she has taught me how to keep myself healthy. She a wealth of information not only from much study but from extensive experience in the physical health field.
rachel h
OMG there was a hump in my spine and now there is not! Really! My neck used to bend backwards like a pez dispenser and now it bends with a gentle arch! My visit with Liz was also very educational. Just terrific, all around!
Chris R
Wish I had made the visit 10 years earlier I hurt my foot playing tennis and learned about Liz. She did an amazing job identifying problems with my posture, providing immediate relief, and putting together an exercise program that will keep me stronger. I had gone to orthopedic doctors for similar problems in the past, and really wasted myh time. To correct injuries of this sort, I highly recommend you give Liz a call.
Carol P
She has magic hands ! Liz is a wonderful resource to fix your body or keep it tuned up. She is skilled and very well trained in assessing what needs help, providing immediate improvement and giving you a home program to keep you moving ahead. She's positive and insightful. Great coach for aging athletes (hike, ski, golf and others!) and younger clients too.
Anne B
Big change after first session I'd heard of Liz's magic for years and just recently got to experience it for myself. She was so welcoming, and very knowledgeable about every issue that came up. My whole body felt better after my appointment, and I'm motivated to keep the changes in place! Thanks Liz!
Meredith B
Wonderful experience as usual Liz took care of me from the moment I walked the door. She checked in on old problems, and then went right to work on my achy neck. When I got off the table I could turn both ways and lift both arms again! Thank you, Liz!
Nancy B
Exactly what I needed Liz has been my go-to person for a number of years, both for acute and chronic issues. She listens to the complaint, thoroughly evaluates it and is able to give a clear, confidence-inspiring explanation of the physical mechanics. After being given precise explanations and practice with appropriate exercises, one leaves feeling empowered to undertake healing the body, knowing that Liz will be there to help if needed. She also brings a spiritual awareness, but does not push it.
Carol Paul
8/31 Visit Excellent job, Liz. Thank you for doing the thorough research on osteoporosis and osteopenia. I know the exercises will help and I look forward to our future visits.
Al Tribe
The Best! I've seen Liz quite a few times for a number of different conditions and have referred friends and family to her. She has incredible knowledge and skill and, perhaps most importantly, is a wonderful teacher whose ability to explain the biomechanics of both the presenting problem and the recommended exercises is truly amazing!
Kathi Jordan
Hip Pain and leg pain I have seen Liz several times for shoulder problems and now hip and leg pain. She gave me some exercises to do and worked on my problem areas. Always gentle, she is a true healer. I felt so much better after my healing sessions with her. She explained very clearly what the problems were with my body. I recommend her very highly. She is the best!
Karen H
Fabulous--can't say enough I have gone to Liz for about 2 years. She is my physical therapist and masseuse all rolled into one (I have done some personal training with her too). She can always find what needs to be worked on; will explain what is connected to what (will show me anatomy schematics on her iPhone); and tell me what exercises and stretches I should do. I referred her to my sister-in-law who lives out of town, and she was so impressed that she is going to work in visits to Liz on all future trips. Love her!
Bob Berring
A True Healer After my back surgery I could find no relief for my disabling pain. After a succession of doctors and practitioners of holistic medicine, a friend led me to Liz. She knows the science but she understands the body. She brought me back to a normal life. She has a gift. She is the best.
Liz is so good at what she does and she makes the time go so fast! I walked out feeling great and optimistic about my recovery. I showed up with the assessment from my MRI scans from a dislocated shoulder. It was a series of mumbo-jumbo medical lingo that made no sense to me. Liz got out the shoulder sculpture and explained what each of the terms meant. She then had me do a series of exercises which were fun, in order to see where my shoulder was at. It was the fastest hour and a half. What struck me about working with Liz is how present she is. You definitely do not feel like a number or that you're getting a canned recommendation.
No exaggeration, Liz has changed my life. She does the best body work I've ever had, but the biggest thing is that she's helped me understand how to maintain a neutral spine so that I am not constantly injuring myself through bad posture. When we started working together I was so tight in certain areas/ weak in others that it was hard to even hold good posture for short periods, but I have made big steps through the exercises Liz prescribed and through increased awareness of how my body moves. Thank you Liz!
Wow! Liz is an incredible physical therapist. We met in a Yoga Teacher Training and I came out to Oakland to work on some tension/mobility issues. Her vast knowledge of anatomy is extremely impressive and she is able to locate the source of pain with precision and care. She is extremely deliberate during sessions and makes the absolute most of your time together. In one session, Liz was able to help me release tension in my muscles with bodywork, cupping, and exercises. I left the session feeling like not a minute was wasted and with exercises to continue practicing on my own. I cannot recommend Liz' work more highly! Thank you, Liz.
I send everyone I know to Liz, because she's amazing at what she does. I was able to recover from two herniated discs in record time. I was able to sustain a healthy weight throughout my pregnancy and "bounce-back" to a non-pregnant body faster than anyone I've seen. I have been able to change my perspective on exercise and fitness (used to be a yucky chore, now a fun way to spend my time). All of this happened because of Liz, and because of her knowledgeable advice and sunny attitude towards "fixing" me.
I'm a 40 year-old male weekend warrior who also happens to be a healthcare practitioner. A year ago, I was in Hawaii and ran full-speed with a bit too much exuberance into the ocean, only to twist my ankle so badly that I needed to go to the hospital and have a wheelchair through the airport on the way home. A few months later, I was still suffering, unable to hike, run, and even hopped around my office while trying to help others with their own aches and pains. Not a great advertisement for my own services. After x-rays, rest, acupuncture, pain relievers, and consulting two other physical therapists, I went to Liz. She spent 1 1/2 hours pushing and pulling on me. At one point, she twisted my foot in a certain way, and *pop*, something went back into place. She had found a tiny bone that had popped out of joint in my foot. Wow, what a difference. I am an avid hiker and backpacker, and decided to write this review because I just returned from a two-day, 25-mile backpacking trip in Yosemite. I thought about her a lot, how thankful I was/am to be back to what I love, after her one miraculous treatment. I have worked with people in various states of pain all day long for 15 years, have worked at 4 different physical therapy clinics, and with a few orthopedic surgeons. I don't compliment anyone easily in orthopedics, and I have to say, Liz saved me. She gave me back my quality of life, which is really what medicine is all about. You should let her save you, as well.
Liz is very talented. She diagnosed the cause of my back/hip pain, applied massage and cupping, and suggested very effective exercises. I'm not keen on exercises, but these were so effective that I was willing to do them. If you are looking for a solution to your problem, she's the one you should see! Very highly recommended!
Liz fixed me. She is worth every cent and every second. After being quite invincible thorough my 20's, my office job finally begin taking its toll. Extremely uncomfortable tingling and pain in my head and neck became a daily occurrence. Little did I know, I didn't have to live with it. Liz worked her magic, and the tingling was gone the next day, and the pain left in another day. She put the icing on the cake by teaching me exercises I can do to prevent a recurrence. Liz is also a great spirit. She brightens up the room and your day.
I have had chronic pain and serious body issues for 14 years. About a year and a half ago, after seeing PTs for over 10 years I lost hope. I felt I had tried everything: dietary changes, meds, holistic care, acupuncture, yoga, etc. I was at a loss and in complete despair. Soon after, I found Liz and have been hooked ever since. She has taught me how to retrain my body with breath, movement, yoga therapy, and she is the only massage therapist to do body work on me and not flare me up! I am now practicing yoga and exercising around 5 times a week and, albeit not pain free, I have a significant reduction in pain. I recommend her to everyone. She is a joy to work with and, I feel, saved my life.
My wife and I have been working with Liz for 3+ years. We're both reasonably fit (Liz - please agree with me here), but a variety of injuries and other ailments have gotten in the way of feeling our best. Liz has been huge for us - she spends the time working to understand your personal situation and design a personal plan for each person. Her style is great - supportive but not overly aggressive. She is very knowledgeable about physiology and body mechanics so we feel we are in good hands. In addition, she is a MASTER massage therapist, and is great at working out the kinks and stress. In fact, I always have to push myself not to use our workout sessions for massage - but its great that she does both well. If you want an knowledgeable, friendly and supportive expert to help you recover from injury or just get on track with an exercise plan, you've come to the right place!
I see Liz every two weeks for heath maintenance. I have a full hour in her lovely home office for regular treatment of my chronic neck, upper back, arm and foot pain. She teaches me exercises to stretch and strength these affected joints and muscles. Not only does Liz magically help any new acute issue but she has transformed me into a stronger healthier 50 plus woman.
Fabulous--can't say enough I have gone to Liz for nearly 3 years. She is my physical therapist and masseuse all rolled into one (I have done some personal training with her too). I try to see her every 2 weeks for 'maintenance' and boy, has it made a difference. She can always find what needs to be worked on; will explain what is connected to what (will show me anatomy schematics on her iPhone); and tell me what exercises and stretches I should do. I referred her to my sister-in-law who lives out of town, and she was so impressed that she is going to work in visits to Liz on all future trips. Love her!
Over the last 1.5 yrs, I have been suffering from back pain. I had surgery at the end of December of last year and continued to have significant issues (several times I was flat out on the bed for days). Liz has worked with me for 2 months now and I am happy to say, I'm 98% better! She takes a very different approach than the typical PT and the results are astounding. Two months ago, I would wake up in pain, go through the day in pain and go to sleep in pain. Now I wake up pain free and it has stayed that way!
Liz is a miracle worker who brought me back from back pain when doctors could not. She combines a knowledge of anatomy with a healer's gift. I cannot say enough good things about her work. BB